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Techno Uniforms is a leading supplier of uniforms across industries including Aviation, Construction, Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Salon & Spa, Restaurant and Security operating across the UAE.

  • Our extensive knowledge of uniform-making helps businesses dress their employees and strengthen their brands.
  • By providing customized and personalized services, we always ensure our top-quality services by placing the customers’ needs first and prioritizing their satisfaction.
  • Our expertise lies in ethical bespoke uniform manufacturing & design with an emphasis on sustainable fabrics, trims, accessories & packaging.
  • Our customer-centric approach has enabled us to distinguish ourselves from other uniform suppliers in the region.
  • Whether you are a company needing to fit your employees with new uniforms or gear, we have the right experience and services to best cater to your needs.








Salon & Spa


Techno Uniforms is owned and managed by Techno Store Middle East LLC, which was established in 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

With successful growth in Dubai emirates, Techno Uniforms is looking forward to further expanding its network in other Emirates.

Our 3 Business Mantras i.e., QUALITY, FOCUS and EXPERTISE has propelled us in positioning Techno Uniforms as renowned uniform outfitters.

- sourcing and importing a wide variety of high-quality fabrics
- meeting the varied requirements of businesses
- offering a competitive price.
- sustainable and recycled fabric collection.

Our Valued Clients

Corporate Uniform

Techno Uniforms is a full-service provider of corporate apparel and promotional items. We oversee and ensure the process and the quality. Reinforce your brand image and positively impact your team’s enthusiasm and productivity by creating a unique uniform program that is on-trend and functional. We’ve created the most distinctive Corporate Uniform and innovative designs to fit your industry and budget. We manufacture corporate uniforms that blend in with your company’s brand and add on a distinct dress code. It extends its services in the corporate sector clothing. Our capable manufacturing team ensures that the production is done using the finest quality of fabric that is durable, shrink resistant and skin friendly.

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Aviation Uniform

Fashion plays an integral role in the airline industry, as it is the foundation for creating the uniforms for each individual airline’s workforce. The frontline employees, who are the backbone of the airline industry’s operations, from ticketing and gate agents to flight attendants and pilots,  don their uniforms every time they report to work and represent their respective carriers while interacting with passengers. They routinely display the airline’s identity through not only their actions but also by what they are accustomed to wearing while working to be recognizable.

An aviation uniform is a prestigious piece of clothing which Techno Uniforms believe deserves personal attention. With a team of experienced tailors and in-house workshops Techno Uniforms deliver products that fit airline's brand image.

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Restaurants Uniform

Restaurant attire is more than just fashion; They are a visual symbol of the restaurant’s identity, professionalism, and commitment to providing an exceptional experience. These stylish uniforms are essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere, giving off a wonderful impression to clients, and enhancing the whole dining experience. Restaurants are an important sector of the hospitality industry. When customers enter a restaurant, they expect the best of services from the executives. Another thing that the clients' attention goes towards is the members uniforms.

Techno Uniforms provide a wide selection of food service uniforms and apparel, from aprons to chef coats, that will keep your employees safe, comfortable, and looking professional in the workplace.

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Hotel Uniform

The idea behind a uniform is to identify a person as being part of an institution be it a school, factory or a hotel. Hotel uniforms are a must for any kind of hotel. The hotel staff must be readily identifiable via their work wear. A hotel uniform does not just provide an identity but it makes the hotel more professional in its chosen line of business.

Hospitality is about catering to guests' needs to keep them comfortable and happy. Businesses that deal with hospitality should always make their staff stand out from the rest so that the guests know who to call at the time of need.

Techno Uniforms provide hotel uniforms for any role, be it the front desk or the housekeeping staff, Kitchen or Concierge, Engineer & Maintenance to Room Service

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Healthcare Uniform

A well thought out healthcare or aged care uniform can have dramatic impact on staff morale as well as perception. Whether it’s scrubs, tunics or administrative wear, a uniform can symbolise the value of contribution, welcome patients or residents and visitors and tell the story of a place. Everyone within healthcare and aged care deserves to be stylish and comfortable uniforms that are also functional and offers the freedom to carry out each role effectively.

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Spa & Salon Uniform

Uniform matters a lot in a spa & salon shop. Spa & Salon uniform has become quintessential in the beauty industry. The employees at salons and spas need to look their best for an excellent impression on the customers. Furthermore, their hours of toil need comfortable fabrics to support them. A salon uniform not only renders integrity among the executives but also speaks of their brand. At Techno Uniforms, you shall have the opportunity to customize your spa uniform. We have a team of expert tailors and designers who provide perfect-fitting garments for your salon or spa executives.

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Retail Uniform

Dress code in retail is paramount to driving sales and achieving business growth. The reason? It’s human nature to judge people based on how they’re dressed.

Retail fashion has evolved significantly over the years, from simple and comfortable uniforms to modern, fashion-forward designs that reflect the company’s branding.

Techno Uniform, aim is to create sustainable, functional uniforms that actively enhance a retail client’s brand and customer experience. The designs we create build recognition and help to promote customer loyalty across an ever-changing marketplace

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Education Uniform

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The uniform is an important feature of every school as students are their representatives.  Students in uniform appearance reflects the respect for the education offered, the school community and also the respect they have for themselves. So while you are at it, make the most out of it. When in a competitive environment, people create their first perception about you based on your attire and body language. Students are the face of the educational institution, and thus many of the schools. colleges, and universities incorporate the concept of corporate uniforms to ensure that their student look their professional best.

Techno Uniform is a manufacturer of school uniforms that make sure to cater to your unique needs of uniforms paying minute attention to the fit, fabric, hygiene and look. We ensure that your institute's uniform resonates to your brand values and boosts confidence in your students. 

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Security Uniform

The security sector has very specific requirements when it comes to uniform choice. It is important that employees are comfortable, easily recognised and that the uniform conveys an appropriate level of authority. Whether you need hi-vis jackets with a clearly visible indication of the role an employee has such as ‘event security’, or corporate wear including trousers, pilot shirts, security jumpers and jackets in your company’s colours or suitably branded, Techno Uniforms have the perfect solution.

Techno Uniforms understand all aspects of security personnel's uniform requirements, including the need for non-metallic toe cap safety footwear - a consideration from both a restraining perspective and metal detectors that may be present. We also provide clip on ties, and we address ways to display a guard’s authority and how to carry equipment such as torches, radios and keys.

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Logistic & Transport

Transport uniforms are some of the most iconic and easily recognisable uniforms out there. Because of the specialist nature of the transport industry, uniforms must balance practical needs with style and brand identity. Techno Uniforms look at some of the primary considerations when choosing a uniform for transport staff, and how we can help you to find the perfect uniform for your team.

One of the biggest factors that will affect your transport uniform choices is how public-facing the job is. From directing passengers to driving trains to serving customers, transport personnel are often face-to-face with the public. This means that their uniforms need to be both smart and distinctive. In a role where professionals are often approached by the public and need to stand out in a busy environment, staff need to be easily recognised through their uniform.

Safety is an incredibly important aspect of a transport professional's day to day work life. From high-visibility vests to safety footwear to complete safety workwear uniforms, making sure your employees are safe and protected is crucial. Your employees need safety workwear that has been rigorously tested, designed for their specific needs and that conforms to health and safety standards in your industry.

Feeling safe is also about feeling comfortable, that includes accommodating larger sizes and modern stretch fabrics, ensuring quality stitching into every garment, so that uniforms flex easily with the demands of the day.

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